Date:december 13, 2013

38. Cell Death of Gamma Interferon-Stimulated Human Fibroblasts upon Toxoplasma gondii Infection Induces Early Parasite Egress and Limits Parasite Replication.

38 Cell death of interferon-gamma stimulated human fibroblastNiedelman W*, Sprokholt JK, Clough B, Frickel EM, Saeij JP. Infection and Immunity. Sep 16; 81(12):4341-9; 2013. PDF.

Toxoplasma is a tryptophan auxotroph and IFNg-induced expression of IDO results in the degradation of tryptophan and the inhibition of Toxoplasma growth in many human cells. We found that IFNg-stimulated primary human foreskin fibroblasts (HFFs) strongly inhibit the growth of all Toxoplasma strains but this growth inhibition is largely independent of tryptophan. Instead IFNg-stimulated HFFs rapidly die upon Toxoplasma infection thereby depriving Toxoplasma from a host cell to replicate in.